Do your marketing materials truly represent your funeral home?

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funeral home brandingAre you the premier provider of funeral or cremation services in your town, but run subpar newspaper ads?

Do you claim to pay attention to the details, but have typos on your website?

Are you offering the latest and greatest products, but your brochures and general price list designs are outdated?

In order to support a strong brand image and build that image at every point of contact, every detail must be in alignment. That means everything including how the front door and the restrooms look how your staff is dressed and groomed, how the telephone is answered, and yes, what your print materials look like.

Don’t claim to be budget-friendly but have what looks to be expensively designed brochures or other materials. They should be professional, always.

When you say you focus on the details, don’t have a website that is outdated, includes typos or incomplete information, or a font size so small older eyes can’t comfortably read it.

And don’t claim compassion if all your newspaper ads slam your competition.

The brand position must follow through in every detail of your operation, or the brand position is at best diluted, at worst, destroyed. Don’t be your own worst enemy; your marketing materials are one of the simplest things to fix.

The best way to start is to know what you stand for; then select words, phrases, images, and colors that best support that position. Review and analyze all of your marketing, advertising, online, and print materials and redesign, rewrite, or recreate anything that is out of alignment. Don’t let something as simple as your business card misrepresent you.

For an honest assessment of your current marketing materials, don’t hesitate to reach out to the adfinity team. We’ll give you an honest, no-obligation review and help you create a plan for getting all of your marketing tools in sync with the image you want to convey. Call 1-877-251-1222 today!

(Originally posted July 2013; updated July 2017)


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