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3 Ways funeral homes can ask for positive online reviews

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The best form of advertising has and always will be word of mouth — one consumer tells a friend, who tells another. In today’s world, this means a consumer sharing their opinions via online review sites like Google Places. Not only are online reviews becoming a key factor with consumers, they also determine what order   …Continue Reading

What does your funeral home’s web presence look like?

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The online world is filled with acronyms. URL (universal resource locator). HTML (hypertext markup language). SEO (search engine optimization). And now, WPO (web presence optimization). WPO is one of the best projects a any small business, including funeral homes and cremation societies, should undertake to ensure your business is coming up first when prospective customers   …Continue Reading

Online reviews are as important to funeral homes as restaurants

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For businesses attempting to reach consumers, feedback from online reviews of your products and service spreads the word in a way advertising can’t. And, as an added bonus, the reviews can dramatically raise a website’s visibility in search engines. Reviews and star ratings are often cited in search results. A Google search for “Los Angeles   …Continue Reading